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Ben of Euxton

Congratulations Ben Connor of Euxton.

A superb first time driving test pass and only 2 driver faults!!

Ben says,

"Craig at Excel School of Motoring lives just down the road from me and is well known to my family.

There is a lot more checking of mirrors than I expected, check when you get on a new rode, check when you might potentially need to stop, check when you need to speed up/slow down. Lots of checking. I found Craig's teaching methods relatively easy to understand and got the hang of what he wanted/needed me to do.

Would I recommend Excel School of Motoring? - Yes, I would recommend them. I believe this is a very good company for learning how to drive.

Craig is a good teacher and a good laugh over all, top guy."

Thank you for you kind words Ben.

Take care and drive safely,