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Faye of Euxton

Congratulations Faye of Euxton.

A fantastic first time driving test pass! - Well done Faye.

Faye says,

"Craig at Excel School of Motoring in Euxton, Chorley was recommended to me by a friend and my mum is a friend of the family.   Learning to drive was so different to what I anticipated. On my 17th birthday I was so sure I would pass be able to pass in a a few months but this didn't happen.

Craig has been absolutely AMAZING!! I have been the most nervous driver with so many set backs and have told Craig I’m going to just give up at least 10 times 😂

Craig has helped me so much with my confidence whilst driving whether that be just letting me do the same routes for a couple of weeks to build up my confidence or going through things slowly with me until I finally got my head around it. I never felt like I couldn’t ask Craig a question, even if it was the most stupid thing… I’m sure there was a lot of questions like that 😂

I would 100% recommend Craig to my friends, family and everyone else I know! Since the day of my first lesson Craig has been so helpful. He has helped me so much with my nerves whilst driving and transformed me from a nervous wreck into a (relatively) confident driver!! There has been so many times I’ve let my nerves get the better of me and wanted to give up but Craig has helped me through that and motivated me to keep trying. I have loved learning to drive with Craig and looked forward to my lessons every week."

Thank you Faye for your kind words.  It really was a pleasure helping you along the way and I too looked forwards to each driving lesson.  Well done.

Take care and drive safely,